Prefixes a sub-pattern to indicate that any letter in the sub-pattern should be matched in either uppercase or lowercase.

The following tests, which are equivalent, demonstrate:

  • that more than one string expression can be provided on the right side of a string test, surrounded by parentheses and separated by the "|" operator or the keyword or.
  • the use of ul.

  global stream alpha-number-text
  when alpha-number-text > ul ("m" | attribute limit)
  when (alpha-number-text > ul "m") | (alpha-number-text > ul attribute limit)

The following example illustrates that when ul is applied to a compound pattern that contains a condition, any patterns in that condition remain unaffected by the ul. ul applies to the "abc", but not to the "def" since "def" is part of the pattern of the condition, which is a different pattern altogether:

  global stream x
  find ul ("abc" when x matches "def")