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OmniMark User Group Mail List

OMUG-L provides a community meeting place where OmniMark users can discuss technical issues relating to OmniMark and related technologies, including XML, SGML and the web.

OMUG-L is open to all OmniMark users and anybody interested in OmniMark. The presence of Stilo staff and experienced OmniMark users on the list provides a rich source of advice and information for anyone working with OmniMark.

To subscribe to the mailing list, please send an email to

As of October 14, 2011, the address for the list is

OMUG-L Posting Rules

  • The purpose of this list is to facilitate technical discussion of OmniMark and related technologies and practices. Posts must be on topic.
  • OMUG-L is a moderated list. Posts go directly to the list, however, if you violate the posting rules, you will lose your posting privileges.
  • The moderator will warn you if you post off-topic. If you continue to post off-topic, you will lose your posting privileges.
  • If you post abusive messages your posting privileges will be revoked immediately.
  • If your privileges are revoked, you can apply to have them reinstated if you promise to abide by the posting rules in future. Repeat offenders may lose their privileges permanently.
  • Abusive and off-topic messages will be removed from the archives.
  • Stilo employees will participate in the list; however, Stilo does not promise to answer every question. Questions that require research on our part should be directed to technical support.
  • Stilo will attempt to correct errors of fact posted to the list, but does not guarantee the accuracy of any information on the list, even that posted by its employees.
  • To comment on the list itself or the way it is run, or to complain about the conduct of another participant on the list, write directly to the moderator at The use and abuse of the list is off-topic for the list itself.
  • For product, packaging or pricing information, contact your Stilo sales representative or write to Stilo's business practices are off-topic for the list.
  • To report a suspected defect in OmniMark software, visit our defects reporting page. Stilo will post a warning to the list of any defect it considers to be of significant interest to the general community.
  • All posts become the property of Stilo.
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