data-content condition?


These are the rules that process the strings of data characters within an XML or SGML document. When the condition (if any) is met, the rule is invoked once for every unbroken string of data content (consisting of data characters and entity references).

A string of data content will be broken up by any one of the following: a start tag, an end tag, a processing instruction, or an external data entity reference.

A data-content rule processes a contiguous sequence of text characters. A contiguous sequence of text characters could be bounded by, for example:

  • the start of an element
  • the end of an element
  • a processing instruction
  • an external CDATA, SCDATA, NDATA, or SUBDOC entity reference

The following is an example of a data-content rule:

  data-content when element is title
     set title-has-content to true
     output "%c"