suppress is equivalent to

  put #suppress "%zhc"

In the format string %zhc,

  • z is a format modifier that turns off all translate rules,
  • h is a format modifier that turns off all line-breaking rules, and
  • c after the % is the parse continuation operator.

The following sample code demonstrates the use of suppress in a simple SGML program. The program prints all of the titles in a document whose doctype is doc.

     do sgml-parse document scan #main-input
        output "%c"
  element "doc"
  element "title"
     put #main-output "%c%n"
  element #implied
     output "%c"

If there are subelements in title, they will be processed by the element #implied rule. output "%c" is used instead of suppress to process the content of these subelements. This ensures that the content of the subelement is sent to the same destination as the content of the parent element. If the subelement is within a title, its content will be sent to #main-output in its proper place within the title. Otherwise, it will be sent to #suppress.

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