halt, halt-everything


halt (with numeric-expression)?
halt-everything (with numeric-expression)?

Argument definitions

Specifies the value to be returned to the operating system after halting. If not given, the return value is one (1).


The halt action terminates an OmniMark program. No further OmniMark rules or actions are performed. Processing of all output files is completed, including processing of referents. Any referent resolution errors that occur will be reported. halt will run always clauses in all active scopes.

If you need to halt the OmniMark program without trying to finish writing to files or resolving referents, use halt-everything. halt-everything terminates the program in the same manner as halt, except that referents are not resolved and no errors indicating unresolved referents are issued. No user code is run at all.

The following fragment ends the program if more than 50 SGML errors occur and returns the number of SGML errors encountered to the operating system:

     do when #markup-error-count > 50
        put #error "Terminating because more than 50 SGML errors occurred%n"
        halt with #markup-error-count

halt-everything is an extreme action intended to shut down the OmniMark process immediately. It relies on the operating system to perform any cleanup required. In situations where OmniMark is running in a thread (as it does in a WSB service or a Java component), the resources allocated by the thread may not be freed until the calling program exits. halt-everything should be avoided in these situations.

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