find-end condition?


Actions to be taken at the end of processing an input document are entered in a find-end rule.

find-end rules are automatically invoked on the main input of a cross-translation, up-translation, or context-translation. Where find-start rules can be used for initialization, find-end rules can be used for termination.

Several find-end rules can be selected at the end of an OmniMark run. If multiple rules apply, the actions of those whose conditions succeed are performed in the order the rules appear in the OmniMark program.

In a context-translation, find-end rules are performed before any document-end rules. This order allows find-end rules to output SGML or XML markup that is processed by element rules before the document-end rules are processed.

A find-end rule is allowed only in context-translation, cross-translation, or up-translation programs.