Return type:
Returns the non-OmniMark name of the external function.
external-function  function-name


An external-function operator is used in an external function association inquiry.

In an OmniMark program, an external-function is a name which is associated with an externally defined (non-OmniMark) function. The external function can have a different name in the external function library than its assigned OmniMark name. An external-function association inquiry allows the programmer to access the external name of the external-function associated with an OmniMark external function name.

For example, the following code illustrates how external-function and function-library of external-function can be used to query a function and return a string value containing either the external function name or the library name:

  output "For external function %"get-db-record%",%n" _
         "    external name = %"" ||
         external-function get-db-record ||
         "%",%n" _
         "    function library name = %"" ||
         function-library of external-function get-db-record ||