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What is OmniMark?  

OmniMark is a powerful programming language developed specifically for preparing, organizing, manipulating, and distributing information with text-based and binary formats. OmniMark includes a powerful pattern matching language, advanced hypertext link manipulation abilities, a sophisticated rule-based language for processing SGML and XML documents, and seamless integration with external systems. The possible applications that can be built with OmniMark extend throughout the spectrum of information processing and delivery tasks:

These are, of course, only a few of the numberless uses for OmniMark.

OmniMark's strengths lie in the areas of content management and the custom presentation of information. OmniMark programs can be used to create, extract, manipulate, organize, distribute, and publish documents in any format from any format. The flexibility and simplicity of OmniMark allows users to quickly develop viable solutions towards increasing the efficiency of information processing and delivery systems.

Most information on the Web is currently stored in documents and databases. These documents and databases are, in turn, stored on a variety of computer platforms -- mainframe computers, PC networks, and UNIX systems. OmniMark can be used to access information in almost any environment or format, to quickly and efficiently extract, convert, combine, organize, manipulate, and publish it automatically or on demand for Internet or intranet web server use.

OmniMark is a full-featured programming language. The components of the language include:



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