Email support, SMTP and POP3 (OMMAIL)

The ommail library is a set of external functions that makes use of POP3 (Post Office Protocol Version 3) and SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) to send and receive electronic mail through OmniMark programs.

Functions in this library have one of three prefixes: "MailInBox", "MailOutBox", and "Mail". "MailInBox" functions are those which are used to receive and manipulate email, and "MailOutBox" functions are used to send email. Functions that use the "Mail" prefix relate to the mail library as a whole.

The mail external function library consists of the following files:

  • a dynamic link library file, such as ommail.dll or, which contains the implementation of the OmniMark Mail API. The library file is dynamically loaded the first time any Mail function is called.
  •, the OmniMark include file that defines the Mail opaque type declarations, external function declarations, and required predefined values.

The mail external function library requires OmniMark 4.0 or higher. As well, the following lines must be included near the beginning of the OmniMark program:

  ; Mail function and constant declarations
  include ""