Oracle Call Interface database support (OMOCI legacy)

The OCI library has been deprecated and is provided with limited support; it will be removed from a future version of the language. Use omdb instead.

The OCI library is a collection of OmniMark external functions. This external function library provides easy, efficient, and portable access to Oracle databases from within an OmniMark program. The functions let you access all of the Oracle Call Interface (OCI) functions to view and manipulate data within the Oracle database. These functions allow you to:

  • connect to a data source
  • prepare and execute SQL statements
  • manipulate data within the data source
  • manipulate the structure of the data

The OCI external function library consists of the following files:

  • omoci.dll or -- a dynamic link library binary file that contains the implementation of the OmniMark OCI API. The library file is dynamically loaded the first time any OCI API function is called.
  • -- the OmniMark include file that defines the OCI opaque types, external function declarations, and required predefined values.

In order to use the OCI external function library in a program, the following lines of code must be included at the beginning of the OmniMark program:

  ; OCI function and constant declarations
  include ""

Platform support

The OCI library is only supported on AIX 5.3 and HP-UX B.11.31.