built-in shelf

Library: Utilities (OMUTIL legacy)
Include: omutil.xin



UTIL_Env is a global shelf that is populated with the environment variables from the environment used to launch the program. Each environment variable name is stored as the key of a shelf item, and the environment variable value is stored as the value of that shelf item.

You must include the legacy System Utilities ("omutil.xin") to access the UTIL_Env shelf.

You can use UTIL_Env just like any other shelf. For instance, you can output the value of all of its keys and corresponding items like this:

  include "omutil.xin"
    output "The Util_Env shelf contains the following keys and items: %n%n"
    repeat over UTIL_Env
     output "UTIL_Env{" 
        || key of UTIL_Env[#item] 
        || "} = " 
        || UTIL_Env[#item]
     output "%n"

Note that while you can change items on the UTIL_Env shelf, this will not affect the environment used to launch applications using the system-call action.