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Library: Database access (OMDB legacy)
Include: omdb.xin


The dbProcedure OMX component is a link that allows you to access a stored procedure in a database.

Usage Notes

The OmniMark Database dynamic link library file ("omdb.dll") creates the dbProcedure OMX component. The related include file ("omdb.xin") defines the interface to that component.

To use dbProcedure OMX components in your program, you must include the following statement in your program:

     include "omdb.xin"

To create a dbProcedure, use dbProcedureOpen. The resulting OMX component is a link to the stored procedure. To execute the stored procedure, call the dbProcedureExecute function. When you have finished using the procedure, use dbProcedureClose to release the resources used by the dbProcedure OMX component.

Please refer to OMX Components for a general description of OMX components and how they are used.

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The functions

are used to establish and close links to stored procedures. dbProcedure objects are used by the following OMDB library functions: