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Library: File system utilities (OMVFS legacy)
Include: omvfs.xin


The vfsDir OMX component represents a directory location. Once a connection to a directory has been established using either of these functions, that connection can be used by other vfs functions.

Usage Notes

The OmniMark Virtual File System dynamic link library file ("omvfs.dll") creates the vfsDir OMX component. The related include file ("omvfs.xin") defines the interface to that component. To use vfsDir OMX components in your program, you must include the following include statement in your program:

     include "omvfs.xin"

Please refer to OMX Components for a general description of OMX components and how they are used.

Related OMVFS library functions:

The functions

are used to establish and discard directory connections. vfsDir objects are used by the following OMVFS library functions:

Example: Using a vfsDir object

This example shows a connection to a directory being established, and that connection being used by other vfs functions.

  include "omvfs.xin"
    local vfsFile myFile
    local vfsDir myDir
    local stream attributes-shelf variable
    	. . .
    set myDir to vfsConnect "file:///omprogs/"
    	. . .
    set myFile to vfsOpen "jean-sibelius.txt" 
    	on myDir for vfs-read 
    	. . .
    vfsDescribeFile myFile into attributes-shelf
    output "    Name:   " || attributes-shelf{"name"} || "%n"
    output "    Size:   " || attributes-shelf{"size"} || " bytes%n"
    do when attributes-shelf{"isdir"} = 0
      output "    Type:   file" || "%n"
      output "    Type:   directory" || "%n"
    output "Contents:  " || vfsRead myFile || "%n"

This program produces the following output:

  Name:   file:///omprogs/jean-sibelius.txt
      Size:   115 bytes
      Type:   file
  Contents:  "Pay no attention to what the critics say; no statue has ever been erected to a critic."
       -- Jean Sibelius