Library: Base64 encoding and decoding (OMENC64 legacy)
Include: omenc64.xin

define string function Encode64
                 value string Chars-In
   with-sequence value string EncodeSeq optional

Argument definitions

The input stream data, in any format (for example, a binary file).
Encode seq
A sequence of up to 64 characters to be used as the encoding sequence. Duplicate characters are allowed but will be ignored. You can create your own unique encoding sequence or you may use one of the standard sequences. The standard sequences are defined as these macros: ENCODE64-BASE64, ENCODE64-UU, ENCODE64-XX.


The Encode64 function converts data into Base64-encoded data. You can use this function to convert binary data (255-character-set data) into 64-character-set data that can be sent and received by all email programs.

Other Library Functions