Library: TCP/IP client and server support (OMTCP legacy, OmniMark versions 4 - 6.0.1)

Returns: A TCP connection object.

define TCPConnection function TCPTraceConnectionOpen
   on value string host-name
      at value integer port-number
      title value string trace-title 
      timeout value integer timeout-in-milliseconds optional
   local TCPConnection TCPTraceConnection



This function opens a TCP network connection to a trace server program running on the host specified by "host-name" at the port specified by "port-number." It returns a TCP connection object that can be used to send trace messages. The "trace-title" is a way to title (label) the trace connection. The trace server program could, for example, use "trace-title" as a title for a window that displays trace messages sent through the related trace connection object.

TCPTraceConnectionOpen appends "%13#%10#" to the user-specified title. The trace server considers the first line (text ending with "%13#%10#") that is sent to be a title. Therefore, "trace-title" should not contain "%13#%10#".

If TCPTraceConnectionOpen fails, it still returns a TCP connection object. This failure object is in error and is closed. The timeout value, if specified, applies only to the wait for the connection. If timeout is exceeded, the connection fails. If timeout is not specified, TCPTraceConnectionOpen "blocks" until a connection is made or some other cause of failure is encountered.



  local TCPConnection tracer
  local stream match-rule-trace
   open match-rule-trace as
             on "monitor"
             at 5730
             title "Tracing match rules"
   put match-rule-trace "rule x fired%n"